Who am I? Why am I watching this? Is the film itself broken before it begins? Or is that me? Why will nothing fit properly? Is death bleeding me? Or life? Will this begin before it ends?

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Citizen Kane

In 1941 writer, director, and actor Orson Welles redefined filmmaking with his classic picture Citizen Kane. There are only a very few directors who received any notoriety from their freshmen attempts at the time of their release. Orson Welles had made a name for himself on the stage and, a few years before Kane was […]

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Tokyo Story

Ozu’s 1953 film, Tokyo Story, is one of the very few films that I have ever watched that made me want to telephone my mother as soon as it was over. The movie follows an aging mother and father as they take a trip to Tokyo to visit their family, which is made up of […]

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