Quick hits – a modern edition

This weekend I was able to play a little catch up on more recent films rather than 50-year-old black and white international films. The only film I am not listing yet is The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby by Ned Benson because it is an interesting concept for a film. The one story exists in three […]

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Film Fest – Labor day weekend

Holiday weekends are a great time for a film fest. Still Alice dir. Richard Glatzer – 2014 – 7.79 – I will be recording a podcast about this movie is a few months and I have not fully unpacked my weepy viewing of this excellent film. Julianne Moore deserved the Oscar for her performance as […]

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Better Know a Blogger

Hello, I suppose that I have not told you much about myself, so here goes, it is time for Better Knowa Blogger. Enjoy, or don’t. I don’t know the value of these exercises. Favorite movie not many people have seen? The Double Life of Veronique, if I assume this means the mass film watching population […]

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