Klown Forever

I’m not entirely sure about this film. I don’t remember ever watching a Danish comedy before. Especially not one based on an existing television series. Klown Forever is hilarious and disgusting. Add to the above list, I don’t remember ever watching a film with this many scenes with male genitals.

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Blu-ray Review – The Klansman

Boy it sure is nice to have historical documents like this Terence Young picture, The Klansman, to look back upon and see just how bad life used to be for people-of-color in the south. What great, unimaginable bounds we have made for the future of the country. Is this clich├ęd, sarcasm doing anything for you?

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C.H.U.D. – Blu Ray

There is one major flaw in looking back at classic films. What is the possibility that someone will be looking right here, right now, at this blog to learn about a classic film? I don’t know. Well, high, I would hope.

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