Klown Forever

I’m not entirely sure about this film. I don’t remember ever watching a Danish comedy before. Especially not one based on an existing television series. Klown Forever is hilarious and disgusting. Add to the above list, I don’t remember ever watching a film with this many scenes with male genitals.

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Spike Lee’s Do The Right Thing

Do the Right Thing is a film about race in New York City in 1989. The film is about a day in the life of a the Bed-Stuy neighborhood of New York City.do-the-right-thing-DI The first two-thirds of the film is built similarly to many small-town films of the past, the Last Picture Show comes to mind, and is a fairly solid comedy film, through which you meet the cast and learn a little of their lives. In the last act everything everything changes; it is a mirror between the late 80s, now, and, sadly, every other time in American society.

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