Two Documentaries

Over the past week I have watched two documentaries one will probably receive an Academy award nomination, the other will not. The docs in question are O.J. Made in America and Bright Lights: Starring Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds. O.J Made in America dir. Ezra Edelman – 463 min – 2016 – 5.77 WARNING: There […]

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Errol Morris Gates of Heaven

If you, dear reader, decide to watch Gates of Heaven, something I do not recommend, please prepare yourself ahead of time. Prepare yourself to learn more about the internment of animals than you likely care to know. Prepare yourself for a level of shifty corporations, and for the little man fighting a battle they can not win. Prepare yourself to a pretty good guitar solo.

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Tokyo Olympiad

What are the Olympics? A sporting event designed to feature summer and winter sports occurring once every four years staggered? Yes, but. The Olympics are more than this and that is what director Kon Ichikawa was looking to highlight. To him the Olympics is a two week span of world peace. For two weeks nations around the world come together for sport.

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I have just finished watching Shoah by Claude Lanzmann, a 550-minute documentary film about the Holocaust. I cannot imagine what words I can say about the film. How do you comment on the cinematography when the subject matter is so bleak? It was a very well-made documentary and I can see why Sight & Sound […]

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