Blu-ray Review – The Cardinal

The Cardinal Director: Sinclair Hill  Screenplay: D.B. Wyndham-Lewis Minutes: 71 Year: 1936 Score: 5.60 Release: Olive Films One of my favorite aspects of Olive Films is that they constantly keep me on my toes. The Cardinal is a film that I did not know existed and I am glad, now, that I do. I have […]

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Blu-ray Review – The Klansman

Boy it sure is nice to have historical documents like this Terence Young picture, The Klansman, to look back upon and see just how bad life used to be for people-of-color in the south. What great, unimaginable bounds we have made for the future of the country. Is this clichéd, sarcasm doing anything for you?

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The Birth of a Nation

dir. Nate Parker – 2016 – 117 min – 6.40 I was talking with my friend Aaron the other day about how picky I am. The wider my film vocabulary becomes the more I notice how my tastes effect my enjoyment of films. The Birth of a Nation falls victim to this. The film tells […]

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