31 Days of Halloween

1              The Exorcist III   – 1990 – 110 – Shudder – 6.73 – dir – William Peter Blatty – I watched this film on the recommendation of our friends over at the Shock Waves podcast. I am a big fan of the first Exorcist movie and I think I watched The Heretic, though, I am […]

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The Birth of a Nation

dir. Nate Parker – 2016 – 117 min – 6.40 I was talking with my friend Aaron the other day about how picky I am. The wider my film vocabulary becomes the more I notice how my tastes effect my enjoyment of films. The Birth of a Nation falls victim to this. The film tells […]

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2016 Film Stats

2016 Film Watching Statistics This data is from my Letterboxd diary. It looks a lot better on their site. Films watched (length not considered): 361 Hours: 548.7 Top 16 highest rated films: The Double Life of Veronique: 5 Dekalog Ep 6: 4.5 Star Wars: 4.5 Dekalog Ep 2: 4.5 A Matter of Life and Death: […]

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Quick hits – a modern edition

This weekend I was able to play a little catch up on more recent films rather than 50-year-old black and white international films. The only film I am not listing yet is The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby by Ned Benson because it is an interesting concept for a film. The one story exists in three […]

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Quick Hits

It is time for another quick hits. In this edition I watch several Werner Herzog films and manage to feel bad about myself, read on! Even Dwarves Started Small dir. Werner Herzog – 1970 – 4.1 – I have a feeling that this film will be placed next to Eraserhead in films I watched but […]

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Themeless Quick Hits

This weeks “Themeless Quick Hits” is another themeless mash-up of uncollected films. Mostly, some are, but there was no solid, complete theme. Lawless dir. John Hillcoat – 2012 – 7.00 – Several years ago I watched The Proposition by John Hillcoat, but not because of the director but because of the writer. I have been […]

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Quick Hits….and misses…

Hits… Sunset Blvd dir. Billy Wilder – 7.7 – I hate that moment after I watch a movie and then, just as it ends, I an furious with myself for not having watched it sooner. Sunset Blvd is a wonderful Hollywood-Noir film that should not be possible. The basic plot circles around a b-level movie writer […]

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Quick Hits

Battles Without Honor or Humanity dir. Kinji Fukasaku – 5.8 – Who doesn’t enjoy a revenge, gangster movie? I knew this going in and it was only slightly disappointing. Don’t hear this a regret as this is certainly not the case but when I put all of the scores together the film is less than average. […]

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