Love in the Afternoon

Love in the Afternoon

Director: Billy Wilder
Screenplay: Billy Wilder and I.A.L. Diamond
Minutes: 130
Year: 1957
Score: 7.60
Release: Warner Archive

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Out now from The Warner Archive is a classic, little know in comparison, Billy Wilder film called Love in the Afternoon. While this is not the first Wilder film I would spin up it certainly does rank highly.

Love in the Afternoon stars an old Gary Cooper and a young Audrey Hepburn in a romantic comedy of errors. After learning that a jealous husband is on the rampage to killer his wife’s lover Audrey Hepburn seeks out the couple to warn them of the impending revenge. In saving their lives the philandering Gary Cooper falls hard for Hepburn. The remainder of the film is their burgeoning love affair.

This is not a heavy film. It is very well shot, and masterfully directed. As always Hepburn is a delight and they clothe her very well. But. For me one of the very difficult parts of the film is the overarching idea of the old man falling hard for the young woman only to have her change him. This is a self-perpetuating problem in film and society. Is this an instance of a woman going for money? Or a young woman falling head-over-heels for a old guy who is somehow the most ideal specimen. Sure, it is entirely possible that Hepburn’s character would fall for Cooper, but he is kind of a dick.

Please do not let that dissuade you from this film. It is very charming and I expect I will return to it again and again. I would be nice to have a few more special features but again, it is still worth your time. I highly recommend Love in the Afternoon.

Director: 10 – Cinematography: 6 – Edit: 7 – Parity: 6 – Main performance: 10 – Else performance: 4 – Score: 7 – Sound: 5 – Story: 8 – Script: 9 – Effects: 5 – Design: 8 – Costumes: 9 – Keeps interest: 10 – Lasting: 10