Pierrot le Fou

As near as I can tell, Pierrot le Fou is about a nihilist. As such, I doubt the film cares either way whether or not I write about it. It is another film by Jean-Luc Godard, who I also doubt cares whether or not I write this.

Pierrot le Fou is about an asshole, played by Godard alum Jean-Paul Belmondo, who is so unhappy in his marriage and his life that he decides he is better off running away with his children’s babysitter to pursue his desire to write a novel.

His co-star, played by Anna Karina, seems to be Godard’s ideal woman: a pet that loyally follows her abusive, delusional master and blindly accepts her new subservient life. This is not to say that she does not have her own nihilistic tendencies, but I got the feeling that her existence was dependent on his. I am unable to say that I have had many good experiences with Godard.

I cannot help but assume that this film, like Le Mépris, is here because of Godard; had it been made by any other director, it would likely be widely ignored. Watch it if you want, but there are many better options.

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