Summer Film Fest 2016 Updates


dir. Charles Chaplin – 1952 – 7.4 – Chaplin’s final starring role is one of his best and is an ample sendoff to his brilliant career. In the film he stars as an aging headliner who acts as a manic pixie girl for a dancer, played by Claire Bloom, and they convince each other to work their way back to the stage. On top of all that you will enjoy the only on screen gafs between Chaplin and Buster Keaton. The film is tops.

All That Heaven Allows

dir. Douglas Sirk – 1955 – 7.8 – The film is a lovely melodrama that really tugged at my heartstrings and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys a solid drama. The high point, on top of so many great performances, was the be Sirk’s ability to dress every scene with some of the best lighting and color usage I may have ever seen.

Sullivan’s Travels

dir. Presten Sturges – 1942 – 5.4 – If you enjoy Veronica Lake comedies then you will enjoy this quaint little comedy. There is little more to say.

No Home Movie

dir. Chantal Akerman – 2015 – 4.36 – This is a sweet movie between a mother and daughter. I don’t want to disparage the film but it didn’t pull me in the way other Akerman films have. Her death, however, is a tragedy and I am glad to have this frank and honest look at her relationship as a reminder of who she is.


dir. Jonathan Lynn – 1985 – 7.4 – Man I love this movie but there is no point in talking about it, you have seen it, or you won’t.

The Human Condition

dir. Masaki Kobayashi – 1959 – 7.62 – It is going to take a little time to unpack this, nearly, ten-hour epic masterpiece. Wait for that.

Picnic at Hanging Rock

dir. Peter Weir – 1975 – 4.67 – A swing and a miss that I am surprised I stayed awake through the whole film. Your mileage may vary.

The Rose

dir. Mark Rydell – 1979 – 7.67 – The Rose is a musical melodrama that perked me right back up. It was a wonderfully drab picture of the life of a touring musician. Bette Midler slayed it. I may have cried a little.

Sid and Nancy

dir. Alex Cox – 1986 – 6.27 – Another view of a touring musician only with even more drugs and sex. No tears but equally entertaining.


dir. Robert Altman – 1975 – 5.13 – Another view of musicians which completely missed the mark for me. This may be because of my lack of enjoyment of country music, but I don’t know. I recognize the films importance on American film history and I held out hope through to the end, which I will say Nashville stuck the ending.