August, the first Nine Days

I still have not really decided how everything will be happening now that the heart of the project is complete. That said I want to break down the films and other thoughts from the first nine days of August. I don’t much care for humidity so have been existing in hermitage when not working or being forced outside; such an existence is good for movie watching. After a jaunt to Charlotte I have watched the following films.

John Wick – 7.1 – If you are fond of hit men going to town with their guns and martial arts you may be interested in John Wick. Story wise it is fairly standard but the design, action and effect elevate this film to a solid rating.

Shadows – 5.9 – This is John Cassavetes first film and it was an interesting experiment but it is not for everyone. The experimental nature is clear and in many cases hurts the film for me. There are some sloppy edits and since all of the performances are improvised hurt the story. It is interesting to watch but I doubt it will go far outside of film buffs.

Arlington Road – 6.5 – At some point in time after the film Blown Away someone must have though that Jeff Bridges needed to make another movie about terrorism. This is not as good as Blown Away, but it is still a very interesting film with great performances by Bridges and Tim Robbins, well worth the time.

Ivan’s Childhood – 7.0 – This is part of my next possible project on Andrei Tarkovsky. It is interesting to watch his first film after watching three of his films that are considered masterpieces. There will be more on this later.

Sex and Fury – 4.8 – Several months ago I was introduced to a film genre called Pinky Violence and I decided that I should watch something, apparently I chose Sex and Fury. The short idea behind pinky violence is a feminized version of what you imagine with the violent, classic, Japanese trashy yakuza films from the 70’s with ample thick, fire-engine red blood pumping at a ridiculous rate. For me, this was not a good movie. This was a good example of those films and I have apparently aged out of the genre.

Solaris – 7.2 – This, on the other hand, was a good movie and is part of the Tarkovsky project so I won’t say much outside of suggesting that it is a brilliantly seasoned turkey leg that you HAVE to consume even though the meat is tough and dry.

The Frighteners – 7.1 – In Peter Jackson’s introduction he says that his Lord of the Rings would not exist without The Frighteners so take that for what it is worth to you. I have always loved this movie and I have probably watched it a dozen times before I learned of a directors cut. The extra 14 minutes adds a decent amount of freshness to the experience even though I didn’t need that to continue to enjoy the film.