Quick Hits….and misses…


Sunset Blvd

dir. Billy Wilder – 7.7 – I hate that moment after I watch a movie and then, just as it ends, I an furious with myself for not having watched it sooner. Sunset Blvd is a wonderful Hollywood-Noir film that should not be possible. The basic plot circles around a b-level movie writer who cannot get work but happens onto the property of a fallen star who becomes over-attached to the writer. We are left with a nearly perfect old Hollywood film and this should not be a surprise since the name Billy Wilder is attached to it.

Night of the Hunter

dir. Charles Laughton – 7.4 – When a movie puts a tune into your brain that cannot be shaken but is also a representation of evil there is something remarkably peculiar about the bundle of events that make this all possible. The Night of the Hunter is a weird, brutal, beautiful film about living when nobody wants your to live. This is a much watch.

Mona Lisa

dir. Neil Jordon – 7.1 – Where should I start? Mona Lisa is a great picture, just great, well worth the time, a little slow at moments, but well-rounded and well-structured. Bob Hoskins, Robbie Coltrane, Michael Caine, Cathy Tyson, Clarke Peters, a very fine cast. A story that is wildly educational with an intellectual look at sex work (not perfect, but much more inclusive than anything else I am aware of from the 80’s). I would go so far as suggesting that Mona Lisa is one of the best 80’s films I can remember watching.

Only Angels Have Wings

dir. Howard Hawks – 7.0 – I am surprised by this rating. Just two days after watching it I remember it as a nice little well contained film. Wait, Rita Hayworth, my choices get a little cloudy when she is around.


dir. Guy Ritchie – 6.1 – There is not too much I can say about this. It is no Lock, Stock, but it fun little cockney film. If that is your bag then this may be right up your alley.


Monsiuer Verdeaux

dir. Charles Chaplin – 5.9 – It is difficult for me to call a Chaplin film a miss. I will struggle with this for…about…okay, I am over it. Verdeaux is a fine film and in interesting departure for Chaplin but there are much better films to watch. This is for collectors.

Fellini Satyricon

dir. Federico Fellini – 5.3 – I really wanted this to hit but it absolutely refused to keep my attention. I tried. I did not finish. An average score on a film that I could not watch is definitely something to note. The film was very well shot and the design and costumes prop it up. It was the story and pacing that pushed me away. I know people will disagree with me, this, but that is cool.


dir. Jacques Tati – 5.1 – There are several moments in the film that are perfect. But there are more moments that just kept going on, and on. This is a good chapter breaks movie, move forward get the greatest hits, they are out there.