The Martian and Pather Panchali redux

The Martian – dir. Ridley Scott – 7.9 – I had no doubt that I would enjoy this film, to me there are enough strengths to be a guarantee; Ridley Scott in space, Jessica Chastain (at all) as a strong woman, Donald Glover being wacky, Matt Damon being himself, math and science. There is nothing, however, about the film that is not predictable which may be the only real downside. It sounded great and really shook my house (and might have loosened a closet door which fell the other day).

Blues According to Lightning Hopkins – dir. Les Blank – 7.2 – I picked up the Les Blank boxset and I am working my way through it and am planning on a review with a little more meat on the bone when I am done.

God Respects of When We Work but Loves Us When We Dance – dir. Les Blank – 5.1

Spend it All – dir. Les Blank – 7.1

Inside Llewyn Davis – dir. The Cohen Brothers – 6.5 – Inside Llewyn Davis is definitely a Coen Brothers picture. Overall it is not great but if you have any love for the 1960’s folk scene you will love it. The music and acting are the strengths of the picture.

Labyrinth – dir. Jim Henson – 6.1 – Novelty. I miss David Bowie. The strength of the movie is digging into the core of childhood. The puppeteering is masterful, as would be expected from Henson’s team. There are a few moments with very questionable effects/editing although aside from noticing the issues it does not change how I feel about the movie. If you have not watched the film before I have been told that even watching as an adult for the first time the movie holds up.

Pather Panchali – dir. Satyajit Ray – 7.1 (difference minus .2) – I will revisit this in length after watching the other two films in The Apu Trilogy although I must note that I am fairly certain that at least one reel had to have been missing from the last version of the film I watched.