(The Peasant) Women of Ryazan

One unexpected side-effects of having a love of world of cinema is everything you learn when you devote a little time to a subject. This is, by no means, suggesting that the films themselves are necessarily accurate, cough, Braveheart, but doing a bit a research for this essay cracked a door of history for me.

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Children of Divorce

Last week Flicker Alley, in association with Blackhawk Films Collection, released Children of Divorce directed by Frank Lloyd and Josef von Sternberg. The 1927 film starring “IT” girl Clara Bow is now, for the first time, available in a Blu-ray/DVD combo pack. The film is an adaptation of Owen Johnson’s novel of the same name. […]

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A Trip to the Moon

The Film A Trip to the Moon is one of the first science fiction films, and it is 114 years old (as of 2016). The film is about a group of astronomers who load themselves up in a gigantic cannon and fire themselves at the moon. After blinding the man-in-the-moon the scientists take a tour […]

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