Quick Hits

Good morning,

I am working on my post for the Oh, Canada Blogathon but I wanted to take a moment to log some recent viewings, now with added dinosaurs.

Jurassic World – dir. Colin Trevorrow – 5.6 – All of the joy of themes by John Williams with none of that pesky charm of the original film. The film fell pretty flat for me it had dino-action as expected but was a little too predictable. The effects and sound saved the film from its story.

Dead Ringers – dir. David Cronenberg – {voice of Dennis Nedry} Ah-ah-ah, this is the Oh, Canada entry.

Aparajito – dir. Satyajit Ray – 6.2 – Expect something longer soon with the Pather Panchali but I don’t know when.

Apur Sansar – dir. Satyajit Ray – 6.3 – Same

Fitzcarraldo – dir. Werner Herzog – 7.3 – There is something about Werner Herzog that I don’t see with other directors. He doesn’t appear to care much for the well being of the actors he hires. Shot first, safety second (maybe). I can not think of many directors who manage to capture a documentary feel within a scripted film. I need to spend a little more time meditating oh this film to really dig into it.

Walkabout – dir. Nicolas Roeg – 4.7 – This flick is bonkers. I mean, capital B, Bonkers. I cannot seem to level the sweet innocence of ignorance with the unrighteous violence of the hunt. Similar to the previous film I need more processing time.

Gilda – dir. Charles Vidor – 6.1 – Unlike Walkabout the film Gilda is a straight forward noir film with all the beats you expect. As soon as the film ended all I could think of is the ending of Casablanca. Much of what we get with Gilda is a mirror of Rich and Ilsa. This is a very good film and well worth the time.