Update of Sorts


What a strange couple of months, so how about an update. Post season baseball culminated in a masterful World Series showcasing two of the most unlikely teams duking it out. As a Clevelander born and raised I am naturally an Indians fan but due to a WGN brainwashing I became a Cubs fan first. I stood to win the contest without regards to the outcome. I am pleased how it ended but it was a long five weeks. Then other things happened that I do not want go into here. Safe zone.

One thing that I feel qualified to talk about, however, is international film. One of my goals is to watch at least one film from every country which produces films. One thing that have learned from what I have witnessed so far is that each and every country does things a little differently and has managed to have a positive affect on US cinema.

This melting pot cinema that we have experienced in America reflects our citizenry. When we can work together. Learn from other cultures and assimilate bits of their artwork and culture into our own we move forward creating a better living situation for everyone.

Artist form a invaluable resource that we tend to forget and ignore over tangible and easily liquid resources. Some of the best known America pictures would not exist without art from Japan, France and Italy. Being a global nation will always benefit us even when it is scary, and when it does not benefit you directly.

I don’t know the answer, heck I don’t remember the question, but I do know that we will figure it out.