Not a movie review

My friend died.

Her name is Ellen and cancer was her punctuation. But it was her sentence that helped me to better understand living. Ellen was a second grade teacher in the Canton, Ohio, school district. I learned that her students, most in extreme poverty, had nothing to read at home. Without having books to practice their reading they have an even greater chance of poor literacy which reduces their chance for success.

Around this same time a friend of mine, Matt, wrote a comic book with which he intended on donating his fees to the Red Cross for hurricane Sandy relief. A few friends in the small group I shared with Ellen decided to buy Ellen’s entire class copies of the comic. Thus benefiting both our local children’s literacy and the people of the New York and New Jersey.

What Ellen never knew is that when that book was release I got together with a bunch of nerds to challenge other nerds to make additional cash donations. I decided to make an additional gift if we got 100 people to make donations. A new friend did the same. Overall somewhere in the area of $2,000 was raised for hurricane relief, some in Ellen’s name.

Ellen made me a better person. A more giving person. I miss her.

In a few weeks Ellen’s mother is hosting a benefit auction to help with the medical costs as well to create a scholarship in Ellen’s name; even in death Ellen would want to help her students have the best chance at moving up.

If you have any interest in joining me I am planning on helping the scholarship. If anyone remembers the Great-At-Boats-a-thon maybe you will want to help again.

Yes or no I thank you for reading this.

Goodbye Ellen.