Blu-ray Review – Psychomania

Psychomania  Director: Don Sharp Screenplay: Arnaud d’Usseau and Julian Zimet Minutes: 85 Year: 1973 Score: 5.67 Release: Arrow Video There is something magical about motorcycle flicks. I don’t know if it is the rumble of the bikes or the forethought that there will definitely be a chase scene. There is a level of cool that […]

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DVD Review – Flamingo Road

Flamingo Road  Director: Michael Curtiz Screenplay: Robert Wilder Minutes: 94 Year: 1949 Score: 6.40 Release: Warner Archive Collection   Boy I love this movie and I expect I will soon have a Joan Crawford Double-Feature with Mildred Pierce. Two women who control their own lives even at the cost of yours. From; Hard-edged carny […]

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DVD Review – A Woman’s Face

A Woman’s Face  Director: George Cukor Screenplay: Donald Ogden Stewart Minutes: 106 Year: 1941 Score: 6.13 Release: Warner Archives Collection   A Woman’s Face is certainly not the strongest George Cukor film, nor is it the best Joan Crawford film I watched in the last two weeks but it was alright. The film tells the […]

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Blu-ray Review – The Boy Friend

The Boy Friend Director: Ken Russell Screenplay: Minutes: 137 Year: 1971 Score: 6.93 Release: Warner Archive Collection The Boy Friend, by directory Ken Russell, fits in wonderfully in a long line of beautiful and colorful musicals. What is fairly unique is the layered and slightly cerebral story. At its highest level The Boy Friend is […]

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Love in the Afternoon

Love in the Afternoon Director: Billy Wilder Screenplay: Billy Wilder and I.A.L. Diamond Minutes: 130 Year: 1957 Score: 7.60 Release: Warner Archive Order the film at The Warner Archive Collection! Where the fans go! Out now from The Warner Archive is a classic, little know in comparison, Billy Wilder film called Love in the Afternoon. […]

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Klown Forever

Klown Forever Director: Mikkel Norgaard Screenplay: Casper Christensen and Frank Hvam Minutes: 99 Year: 2015 Score: 5.57 Release: Drafthouse Pictures I’m not entirely sure about this film. I don’t remember ever watching a Danish comedy before. Especially not one based on an existing television series. Klown Forever is hilarious and disgusting. Add to the above […]

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American Guinea Pig: Bloodshock

Director: Marcus Koch Screenplay: Stephen Biro Minutes: 98 Year: 2015 Score: 4.93 Release: Oddtopsy Films I don’t know anyone to whom I could recommend this film. There are, I’m sure, plenty of folks out there who would find it interesting. Especially those interested in visual effects. I am not really that audience. I was not […]

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