An Updated Top 25

As far as I am concerned you can never go wrong with any of these films. Top 10 1 The Double Life of Veronique – dir. Krysztof Kieslowski – 9.07 2 Chungking Express – dir. Wong Kar-Wai – 8.73 2 Zero Dark Thiry – dir. Kathryn Bigalow – 8.73 4 Persona – dir. Ingmar Bergman […]

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Summer Film Fest 2016 Updates

Limelight dir. Charles Chaplin – 1952 – 7.4 – Chaplin’s final starring role is one of his best and is an ample sendoff to his brilliant career. In the film he stars as an aging headliner who acts as a manic pixie girl for a dancer, played by Claire Bloom, and they convince each other […]

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