Top 15 of the Year: A Followup

Hey, I wanted to follow up on a few releases mentioned on my Top 15. First, the Amicus collection listed in the “Best of the Rest” has been delayed to the first week of 2018 removing it from eligibility, but making it eligible for next year. More importantly, though, I now have received the 100 […]

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31 Days of Halloween

1              The Exorcist III   – 1990 – 110 – Shudder – 6.73 – dir – William Peter Blatty – I watched this film on the recommendation of our friends over at the Shock Waves podcast. I am a big fan of the first Exorcist movie and I think I watched The Heretic, though, I am […]

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The Birth of a Nation

dir. Nate Parker – 2016 – 117 min – 6.40 I was talking with my friend Aaron the other day about how picky I am. The wider my film vocabulary becomes the more I notice how my tastes effect my enjoyment of films. The Birth of a Nation falls victim to this. The film tells […]

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2016 Film Stats

2016 Film Watching Statistics This data is from my Letterboxd diary. It looks a lot better on their site. Films watched (length not considered): 361 Hours: 548.7 Top 16 highest rated films: The Double Life of Veronique: 5 Dekalog Ep 6: 4.5 Star Wars: 4.5 Dekalog Ep 2: 4.5 A Matter of Life and Death: […]

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Quick hits – a modern edition

This weekend I was able to play a little catch up on more recent films rather than 50-year-old black and white international films. The only film I am not listing yet is The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby by Ned Benson because it is an interesting concept for a film. The one story exists in three […]

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Quick Hits

It is time for another quick hits. In this edition I watch several Werner Herzog films and manage to feel bad about myself, read on! Even Dwarves Started Small dir. Werner Herzog – 1970 – 4.1 – I have a feeling that this film will be placed next to Eraserhead in films I watched but […]

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Themeless Quick Hits

This weeks “Themeless Quick Hits” is another themeless mash-up of uncollected films. Mostly, some are, but there was no solid, complete theme. Lawless dir. John Hillcoat – 2012 – 7.00 – Several years ago I watched The Proposition by John Hillcoat, but not because of the director but because of the writer. I have been […]

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Quick Hits….and misses…

Hits… Sunset Blvd dir. Billy Wilder – 7.7 – I hate that moment after I watch a movie and then, just as it ends, I an furious with myself for not having watched it sooner. Sunset Blvd is a wonderful Hollywood-Noir film that should not be possible. The basic plot circles around a b-level movie writer […]

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