Hello, sorry for the silence. I have been travelling and catching up on things of late. I am starting to catch up on my to watch pile and am gearing up for FeBLUary which is a thing that my friend Matt made up, I am not sure why. I am working on my top 15 […]

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Three directors, eight movies, two masterpieces and six terrible movies (three of which I will love forever).  After suggesting masterpieces I think that is a word that is overused.  Certainly in this specific case they are Picasso’s when comepared to a sloppy paint-by-numbers that I painted. Days of Heaven – dir. Terrence Malick – 7.3 […]

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How I Rate Films I Watch

How I rate films I watch First and foremost any and all film ranking system is completely subjective. Someone will always disagree with me. I am okay with this. After watching what many consider the best examples of cinema I have noticed that watching other movies has become a bit slighted. I notice more in […]

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