Some Like It Hot

Billy Wilder’s 1959 film, Some Like it Hot, was ranked, by the American Film Institute, on their Top 100 at number 22 and at number 1 on their Top 100 Comedies and the BFI ranks it at 42. I can appreciate the effect that it had on cinema and the enduring history of Marilyn Monroe, […]

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Everything you need to know about Breathless, a film from 1960 by Jean-Luc Godard, you can learn in the first six minutes. Godard lets you know, from the very first line – “After all, I’m an asshole” – that he is not too concerned with your opinions. Straight out of the gate, Godard hot-wires French […]

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The Godfather

I considered spending my evening watching the many hours of special features to really dig into the heart of The Godfather and The Godfather Part II by Francis Ford Coppola, but I decided that just watching the (three) movies with the commentary gave me a sufficient amount of information. I have seen the three films enough […]

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