Better Know a Blogger

Hello, I suppose that I have not told you much about myself, so here goes, it is time for Better Knowa Blogger. Enjoy, or don’t. I don’t know the value of these exercises.

Favorite movie not many people have seen?

The Double Life of Veronique, if I assume this means the mass film watching population who tend to watch English-only pictures. Veronique the-double-life-of-veroniquedeserves to be hanging in a museum. However, if this “many people” includes foreign and art-house crowd I would say Satantango as it takes a pretty strong constitution to watch a depressing eight-hour movie in which satantangogirlcat60% of the film is comprised of people either walking or standing around looking at other people.





Same question but with a TV show.

Jeeves and Wooster, I suppose. I don’t watch a lot of “rare” television, this is a movie blog after all.

Who do you want to see a biopic of and whom would you cast?

I don’t really care enough about this question or biopics to want to answer this.

Any movie(s) you’re looking forward to?

(Bing‘s autumn 2016 movies) Rogue One. I don’t watch a lot of new movies, especially in the theater since getting a Blu-ray is typically just as expensive as two people going to the theater. I typically only go for action/adventure movies when I do.


Have you attended a film festival?

No, I have not. I struggle with traveling any distance to watch movies. But if the stars align I would certainly go. Although, I recently read that
Kim Novak will be on the next TCM Cruise so that would be a film festival I would go to (I can hardly think if anything more conflicting than going on a cruise to the Caribbean only to sit in a movie theater the whole time.)

Black and white or Technicolor?

Technicolor. I want you to know how difficult this question is for me. I know people who won’t watch a movie if it is not in color which blows my originalmind. Not only because there are so many wonderful films that they are automatically ignoring purely based on film stock. Also, many of my favorite films maltese-falconis monochrome but if you haven’t watched a color corrected technicolor film from the late 50’s then you are missing more than I can help you with.

What’s your favorite book?

Well, I had a book about Abraham Lincoln that helped me to learn to read so I guess that I pretty important, but I don’t suspect that is the point of the question. I suppose I don’t have a favorite book.

Star Wars or Star Trek?

It depends on the day I am asked. I love them both.

Western or film noir?

Noir, I love a good mystery much more than I do a cattle drive, unless all of the cows end up worse for wear after the drive, which I suppose they do since they are walking towards a hammer. Regardless make my Bogart.

Sci-fi or musical?

Sci-fi, if it is not clear there aren’t any genres that I don’t watch, everything has its merits and highs and lows but sci-fi has always been a big part of my life as I suspect it always will. There is something that can be said here about Spider-Man: Something, something the Dark, or Doctor singin-in-the-rain-02_lrHorrible being mixtures of the two. It is important here to say that it is very typical to me to start singing “Good morning”, from Singin’ in the Rain anytime someone said good morning to me while also shouting, “boring conversation anyway, LUKE WE’RE GOING TO HAVE COMPANY.” So it really is a mix.

Comedy or drama?

Drama, easy choice here. You can laugh during a drama but if you weep during a comedy they are doing it wrong.