Film Fest – Labor day weekend

Holiday weekends are a great time for a film fest.

Still Alice

dir. Richard Glatzer – 2014 – 7.79 – I will be recording a podcast about this movie is a few months and I have not fully unpacked my weepy viewing of this excellent film. Julianne Moore deserved the Oscar for her performance as Alice. The subject is very difficult for me, and will probably be for anyone but it is an incredible important movie experience.

13 Going on 30

dir. Gary Winick – 2004 – 6.27 – This movie was playing when I returned home with some lunch. This was my second, or third, time watching the movie and it never gets old to me. Sure it’s Big with Jennifer Garner working for a fashion magazine but that doesn’t matter because Big is a great movie. It hits on every level and maxes out on feminism to a point that I would gladly recommend it to everyone.

Terminator Genisys

dir. Alan Taylor – 2015 – 5.87 – Speaking of maxing out on feminism I watched the most recent instance of the Terminator series, you know, that one with the ridiculously strong female lead Sarah Connor? Well they broke that character down to a damsel in distress with some choice lines like, “Take care of my Sarah,” really, MY Sarah? I hope that this writing team never writes a Furiosa movie. This movie is held together by near perfect visual effects (I know; young Arnold was a little weak but it looked fake as you would imagine synthetic skin would so it is alright with me).

Major League

dir. David S. Ward – 1989 – 5.71 – It is still crude and still makes me laugh. I can see its flaws a little more clearly but they don’t bother me when watching a classic like Major League.

Robin Hood: Men in Tights

dir. Mel Brooks – 1993 – 4.40 – Directly after laughing myself to tears watching Major League I watched Robin Hood: Men in Tights one of my favorite Mel Brooks movies and my eyes quickly dried up. I dozed off a few times and learned that Men in Tights is a great movie for a teenaged Jason but is a little more than a very long intro and exit for the musical number in the middle (which has many new problems now that I have learned more about life but its nostalgia is the only redeeming quality).