Update! :::blows off dust::: Let’s Watch Movies!


I am sorry for the lack of an update. I wish I could say that I have been wildly busy and this was the cause of my neglect. That is not the truth. The truth is that I recently had surgery, wisdom teeth, all is well, and I watched what many would call “too many movies” and I didn’t know how exactly I wanted to present them, they are logged over at letterboxd. And now the Chicago Cubs are playing to get to the World Series, at which they will hopefully face the Cleveland Indians and I can be ostracized from my entire family as well as my region. Good times. While I would prefer a Cubbies win I am prepared to be happy if it ends differently. (As a Cubs fan I know defeat, intimately).

I am tossing around ideas for the site, and I intend to focus on my top 25 since people sometimes ask what, then why, then what again when I say Polish film. Also, I have asked a friend of mine to write a guest post.


Also, I am watching the Dekalog, again, and crying, then rating.

More to come, soon.